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Residential Tanks

Orenco’s AdvanTex AX25-RT is a completely pre-packaged, “plug & play” wastewater treatment system. All components are assembled and adjusted at the factory or at the dealer location, so customers save on installation costs. There are fewer working parts, so customers save on equipment costs.  And the RT can be shallowly buried, so customers save on excavation costs. For sites up to 6 bedrooms or 720 gallons per day flow.
South Carolina DHEC requires a maintenance contract as a condition of permittine ALL engineered systems. Our service agreement meets this requirement and with it you get The VeriComm Monitoring System. Once a month, the system qutomatically uploads data that the service provider can use to verify that the system is working property. In the event of an alarm, the service provider can often diagnose the problem remotely and can adjust the panel's programming to correct the problem. These agreements usually cost less than a monthly municipal utility bill.

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  • Sites where an old system has failed but the existing septic tank is still usable
  • Small sites and those requiring shallow excavations
  • Where Clear, Odorless, Reusable Effluent is necessary
Where to Use AdvanTex?
Why to Use AdvanTex?
Peace of Mind with VeriComm
Thanks to low maintenance requirements, AdvanTex Treatment Systems cost much, much less than other technologies over time. Power costs, pumping costs, and equipment replacement costs are a fraction of those for other technologies. Plus, the AdvanTex system protects your drainfield, not to mention public health and the environment.
Unlike other onsite wastewater treatment technologies, AdvanTex provides consistent, reliable advanced treatment under real-world conditions. Other systems work OK in a controlled testing environment, but don't hold up to normal household use. But AdvanTex does. One reason is that AdvanTex Treatment Systems process and discharge small amounts of treated wastewater throughout the day, so surges don't overwhelm your system. The treated effluent is so clean it can be reused for subsurface irrigation where regulations allow, or discharged to shallow, inconspicuous drip fields or trenches.
Low Lifetime Cost
Wastewater Solutions, LLC
AdvanTex Treatment Systems require very little space. The AX25 filter unit for example, is just 7.5 ft x 3 ft x 2.5 ft (2286 mm x 914 mm x 762 mm), small enough to fit under a deck or on top of the processing tank. And some jurisdictions allow a reduction in drainfield area with AdvanTex. So AdvanTex is ideal for small sites, or for homeowners who simply want more use of their yard.
Fits Small Yards
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In Complience with South Carolina DHEC Regulation 61-56
Shop for Your Dealer First!

Perhaps you might ask yourself the following questions:
What are his qualifications?
What is his experience level?
How long has he been a dealer for the manufacturer of his treatment equipment?
Is wastewater treatment the major part of his business, or is it just sideline?
Does he have any kind of program or does he just turn you loose after the sale?
Does he have any kind of maintenance program, or does he just turn you loose after the sale?
The owner of Coastal Carolina Wastewater Solutions, LLC has 25 years in the industry with Orenco.